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Главный врач Пульникова Светлана Адольфовна
8(34535) 3-19-07
Заместитель главного врача Горбунова Елена Георгиевна

Medical tourism

The State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of the Tyumen Region "Yalutorovsky Sanatorium" Svetly "is located within the historical city of the Decembrists Yalutorovsk, on the shore of Lake Babanovskoye. In the market of sanatorium-resort services, the health resort has been operating for more than 45 years. The mission of our team is “The best work in the world taking care of your health”.

The sanatorium offers a modern complex treatment based on unique natural factors: sodium chloride bromine iodine mineral water (17.05 g / dm) from its own well and sapropel mud in combination with diet therapy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy and other treatment methods.

Both adults and children come to the sanatorium with pleasure.

The medical profile of the sanatorium and the well-equipped treatment base, a team approach to work and the high quality of the services provided and innovative treatment methods make it possible to accept patients with diseases: musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary systems, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thanks to a wide range of services and an individual approach to each guest, more than 3,000 people undergo rehabilitation every year in the institution, more than 50% of them return the second, fifth and tenth times.

To visit the sanatorium, you must call +7 (34535) 3-21-46 or fill out a reservation request on the website: www.gutosvet.ru to agree on the arrival date, duration of treatment and category of room.


Address: Russia, Tyumen region, Yalutorovsk, st. Revolution 130 Phone: +7 (34535) 3-21-46; 3-19-07

Email: gutosvet@mail.ru

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